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The Castle - Moura

The Moura Castle and the surrounding area, is the most noble area of the City, the important cultural and heritage value that holds despite being stripped of religious functions, housing and defensive that once kept.

Castelo de Moura Castelo de Moura Castelo de Moura Castelo de Moura

Three major springs, spring in Castle, and also the most important supply source of Santa Comba and the Source of the Trê Bicas. In fact, the existence of several water sources with known mineral and medicinal qualities made ​​possible the existence of hot springs in Moura from 1899.

 The Moura Castle is implanted in the highest part of the City, in a position inter-river. Built on a pre-Roman fort, an area heavily occupied by man, is an important repository of the History of Moura.

 You can walk from the Passagem do Sol Hotel to the Castle, walking by the beautiful streets of the city.


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