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Igrejas em Moura
Igreja de São João Baptista

Church of São João Baptista - the church of São João Baptista, is situated in the city center, next to Garden Dr. Santiago and municipal swimming pools. It is classified as a national monument, was built at the beginning of the century XVI, thus the best example of Manueline existing in the municipality of Moura. 

Carmo Church - This space is worth a closer look, not only the history that is inherent as the interesting architectural component bearing. Initially built in Gothic, this imposing temple with its three naves of six spans, has undergone several changes in its Manueline and Renaissance maps. Of note, the beautiful dome Manueline the sacristy, whose intersection is the cross of Christ represented.

Igreja do Carmo

Igreja de São Pedro

São Pedro Church - the main altar of this church is built in gilt, which lies on the side of the Epistle, on a basis, the image of Santo António. In the center, a painting dedicated to "Our Lady of the Assumption" and, within a shrine, the image of the patron, with the keys in hand. Inside the church you can visit the Museum of Sacred Art, open to the public since 2004.

St. Agostinho Church - Built by the year 1665, rebuilt in 1723, its exterior facade has a gable countercurve, where the wedges and the frames will be of masonry and stone gargoyles. The interior consists of a single nave with barrel vault, and has the body of the church, on each side, a chapel, a pulpit and a baptistery.

Igreja de Santo Agostinho

Igreja de São Francisco

São Francisco Church - Situated at the time, out of doors, is built on land that was acquired by King D. John III and assigned to the order of S. Francisco, for them to proceed with its construction. The floor of the church has two graves and eleven stately sepulchral stones, with inscriptions, some indecipherable. The convent, the twenty-fourth of the province of the Algarve, had a capacity for twenty religious, where classes were taught philosophy and theology.

Text: "Freguesia de Santo Agostinho - Histórias e Memórias" de José António de Oliveira Correia
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