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Other places to visit in Moura
Termas de Moura

Termas de Moura - Spa is located at the entrance of the Garden of Dr. Santiago, serving as a municipal ordinance to this garden. It consists of two identical buildings, run-fronted balcony. Only the bath is open on the left, once for the female, five bathrooms (with beautiful marble baths), serving them a bath toiletries.

Castello Water Moura - is a century-old water springs in floor-to Moura. It was launched in 1899, the company Aguas de Moura, and remains a benchmark in the water sector with gas. Its quality and excellence were awarded in several national exhibitions, international and became the brand of choice for gas Portuguese Royal House.

Pisões - Moura

Quartéis de Moura

Quartéis de Moura - Ranked Public Interest Building, the building of Quartéis, illustrates what exists in this most pure of the military architecture, built for the sole purpose of defending this border area, in the wars of restoration. Moura, as parade ground, was a powerful center of military operations of the Lower Alentejo during the Wars of the restoration and other struggles to defend the national territory.

Fountains and chimneys - Chimneys, have a very marked presence in the downtown skyline. The various types are divided into three categories: Listening chimneys, projecting plumb the facade, rectangular chimneys, fireplaces cylindrical section, with variants of polygonal section. The fountains, due to the wealth of Moura in underground aquifers, there are several existing sources throughout the city.

Chaminés e Fontanário em Moura

Ponte Romana

Roman Bridge - The time of the Roman name, was of great importance in Moura. Numerous villages and settlements in Romanized are marked throughout the county. Are abundant epigraphic and funerary monuments. This period is the Roman Bridge over the Brenhas river, Property in the Public Interest.

Photovoltaics Central in Amareleja - an investment of 237.6 million euros to produce "clean" energy to the national grid for 25 years, the Central Solar Photovoltaic in Amareleja with an installed capacity of 46.41 megawatts (MW) peak and 35 MW of injection into the network, in a land of 250 hectares, in the parish of Amareleja the municipality of Moura and considered the "land of Portugal warmer" due to record maximum temperature in summer.

Central Fotovoltaica em Amareleja

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